Full Professor of Statistics
Luigi Salmaso
Contact information

Contact information

Luigi Salmaso

Department of Management and Engineering
University of Padova

Stradella S. Nicola, 3
36100 Vicenza - Italy
PHONE: +39 0444 99 87 20
FAX: +39 0444 99 88 84
EMail: luigi.salmaso@unipd.it

Spin-off company of the University of Padova

via Mezzabati 9
35126 Padova - Italy
PHONE: +39 049 758696
EMail: luigi@stat4value.com


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Luigi Salmaso


End to End Data Analytics for Product Development is an accessible guide designed for practitioners in the industrial field. It offers an introduction to data analytics and the design of experiments (DoE) whilst covering the basic statistical concepts useful to an understanding of DoE. The text supports product innovation and development across a range of consumer goods and pharmaceutical organizations in order to improve the quality and speed of implementation through data analytics, statistical design and data prediction.

The book reviews information on feasibility screening, formulation and packaging development, sensory tests, and more. The authors – noted experts in the field – explore relevant techniques for data analytics and present the guidelines for data interpretation. In addition, the book contains information on process development and product validation that can be optimized through data understanding, analysis and validation. The authors present an accessible, hands-on approach that uses MINITAB and JMP software. The book:

  • Presents a guide to innovation feasibility and formulation and process development
  • Contains the statistical tools used to solve challenges faced during product innovation and feasibility
  • Offers information on stability studies which are common especially in chemical or pharmaceutical fields
  • Includes a companion website which contains videos summarizing main concepts

Written for undergraduate students and practitioners in industry, End to End Data Analytics for Product Development offers resources for the planning, conducting, analyzing and interpreting of controlled tests in order to develop effective products and processes.

Scientific interests

  • Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

  • Biostatistics

  • Statistical Methods for Marketing Research

  • Design of Experiments

  • Nonparametric Statistics

  • Agricultural Statistics

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Luigi Salmaso

Full Professor of Statistics

NPC Test

Statistical software for multivariate permutation tests



Permutation Tests for Stochastic Ordering and ANOVA: Theory and Applications with R by Basso D., Pesarin F., Salmaso L., Solari A. (Lecture Notes in Statistics - Springer)



Permutation Tests for Complex Data: Theory, Applications and Software by Pesarin F. and Salmaso L. (John Wiley and Sons)