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PROSSIMO APPUNTAMENTO: SECONDO TURNO - Scuola di Dottorato in Ingegneria Industriale
Periodo: Maggio 2010

Alcune immagini del PRIMO TURNO: Scuole di Dottorato: Scienze della Terra, Territorio, ambiente, risorse e salute, Ingegneria Gestionale ed Estimo e Scienze Veterinarie
Periodo: 10-12 Marzo 2010

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è    Nonparametric Light" on release!
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è    Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? (from T.S. Eliot). Probably you do not know the first two answers, but a statistician can guess the third ... is it perhaps, in the error term of the model?

è    Everybody knows that something is impossible to realize till someone inexperienced comes and invents it. (A. Einstein)

è    The best time to contact a statistician for statistical consulting is in the planning phase of the study.  A statistician can help to avert a disaster much more easily than he can help to recover from one!

è    On the innate superiority of rabbits over wolves:


A rabbit is happily grazing one day when it is ambushed by a wolf. “Please don’t eat me Mr Wolf,” pleads the rabbit, “I haven’t completed my Ph.D.!”

The wolf spits out the rabbit and laughs until he almost chokes. “Yeah right! A rabbit? Doing a Ph.D.? What about? Carrots? Duracell batteries? I just gotta hear this one!”

The rabbit clears its throat and intones:  “On the innate superiority of rabbits over wolves.” “That’s a crock for a start,” scoffs the wolf.

“But I can prove it,” says the rabbit. “Come to my hole and I’ll show you my results, and if you still don’t believe me, then you can eat me. Deal?”

“Sure. Can I have fries with that?” says the wolf, following the rabbit down the hole.

But only the rabbit comes out.

Months later the rabbit is grazing contentedly again when it meets another rabbit. “How’s tricks?” asks the friend.

“Wonderful,” says our hero, “I’ve just submitted my Ph.D. dissertation.”

“Congratulations! What’s it called?”

“It’s called ‘On the innate superiority of rabbits over wolves’.”

“Unbelievable — I mean, literally. Are you sure?”

“Yes, I thought it was crazy at first too. But I’ve tested the model rigorously and that’s the result I get.”


“Look, if you don’t believe me, why not come to my hole and I can show  you the results?”

“Of course, I’d love to!”

So the two rabbits scurry down the burrow. In the first chamber is a workstation, covered with and surrounded by piles of books, papers, printouts and half-eaten 

carrots. In the second chamber are boxes and boxes of wolf bones, all catalogued and annotated. And in the final chamber, in a rocking chair, is a large and very satisfied looking bear.

Moral: do your Ph.D. on any subject you like, provided you have a good supervisor.

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